Monday, May 16, 2005

Friday the 13th, part deux

Saturday morning, 3AM and everything's fine.

Here's one of the pics from Friday the 13th. I had the good pleasure of catching up to Mike and Priscilla on one of their excursions into the city after spending some time celebrating Kate's b-day at Mannahatta, which reflects the best of Gentrified, 10.00 per drink East Village. I also met Eva and Chuck, who are a wonderful couple who have broken free from the shackles of Bostonia, are headed out to the Bay, and will see us out on The Playa. Nice house music up in the spot, plus good people, even though the crowd was a bit sparse, and I got some unwanted attention from the male bartender. Donyo and Bryan made it out to part deux, as well. After dancing until they kicked us out, Khari, Mike, Eva and Chuck carried their good energy into the wee hours. I myself headed home, since I was headed up to Albany the next day.

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Customer Service down the tubes

I'm a pretty easygoing person, but over the past few months, it seems like even the companies best known for good customer service have slipped a notch or three. Speakeasy used to be my ISP; I loved those guys, until I moved from one location to the other and they fumbled and bumbled heir way through an address transfer that took two months to complete. Meanwhile, I'd moved to Cable and never looked back.
Vonage who seems to have bought up every third internet ad, should spend the money on their e-commerce implementation, which charged my credit card 17 times within two weeks because they couldn't get their transactions straight. I spent four hours the phone with them and my bank before they realized that they had a problem. And now, sends my mother the wrong basket on Mother's day. If anyone knows of a place where people can keep track of bad customer service experiences with large companies, please let me know. People deserve better treatment if they're spending their hard earned money or (worse) going depeer into debt.

BTW, if you noticed, the URLs for those companies actually go to their competitors. If they're not getting my money, what makes you think they'll get clickthroughs off me either?