Wednesday, June 22, 2005

My New Sidekick

No, I haven't moved on from my lady. It's the T-Mobile Sidekick, which we both picked up for the woman's birthday. It's a pretty nice device for staying connected, with Instant Messenger (AIM and Yahoo), email and even an SSH client. I've had it for a few days and it definitely simplifies life, gives a brother more time to read emails on the subway, or bounce an app server remotely.

There are problems, however. First, the web browser is weak (doesn't do javascript). The network can be goddamned slow (I should have expected this, considering it's T-Mobile). I also ran into an unexpected situation last night with the UI. I'd just left a message for a friend and thought I turned the phone off, but I didn't. I then proceeded to talk for 5 minutes, filling up the voice mail box with random conversation. Not cool. Turns out that my gf has done the same thing over the past couple of days. Word to the wise, please check that your phone's off before you start speaking!

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