Friday, July 29, 2005

Web Site Round-Up: 7.29.2005

Here's what I've seen/heard over the web that has caught my eye:

Slow It Down - Web Site for DJ Tomasz, who makes some very phat downtempo/deep house mixes. The latest in his "Sirens" series of 80 minutes mixes includes a trip through some very mellow house grooves, perfect for a late night drive, or chilling out by the pool, or in a park. He's based out of Canada, but is very accessible; his ICQ contact info's on his site.

The D-Nice Journal - How does an old school rapper survive after the record stops spinning? If you're D-Nice, you become a photographer, start a web development company and set up a blog where you reminisce over old times, and document your struggle with nice pictures. I came upon this site while reading an article about how rappers should cope when it's time to hang up the mic. That article is available here.

"You have zero privacy; get over it" - These words were said by Scott McNealy in 1999, and they're proving to be more and more true everyday. In a perfect storm of dimished consumer rights, the rising police state of the Patriot Act, NYPD searching your bags in subways, and now, anyone's cell phone records for a fee: LocateCell will get someone's cell phone if you can provide them with an address or a Social Security Number. Even better, they'll provide cell phone call records for $110. Scary, isn't it?

Sunday, July 24, 2005

Ignorance is not sexy

This is not a joke, and it's very sad. This is the result of black people telling each other it's okay to use the word. A clothing store in Malawi with an effed up name. Something's gotta change. The full story is here.

Saturday, July 09, 2005

Salute to Carol Carbomb

I came across this card while cleaning out my Rolodex. It took me a second to remember how I got this card, but when it came back to me, I couldn't help but chuckle.

On one of the weekends when Ish and I went up to see my mom in Albany, we stopped by the one local bars to grab some out of city atmosphere. I'd had enough of people with high minded attitudes scoping out my shoes to see if I'm worth talking to.

After a couple of drinks at the local pub, we ran into a very nice couple who loved talking smack and a good drink. As we shared stories of our liquor filled past, (I went over my years lost in Boston), Carol and her man regaled tales of staggering home from various Lark Street. After 15 minutes of banter back and forth, we somehow ended up having a round of Irish Car Bombs to celebrate good times, past, present and future.

Much later, Carol passed us her card, scratched her name out, and wrote down something that would remind us of the afternoon. I do, and if you're out there, I salute you, Carol Carbomb.

Thursday, July 07, 2005

That's an A!

Just a quick post to let the world know I got an A on my midterm in Discrete Math. The class is 2/3 through, and I'm feeling fine.

The birthday rush is just about over. Let's see how many June/July people I wanted/needed to say Happy Birthday to:
Jay Lewis
Suzanne Lee
Me, Myself and I
Matt Smalls

We've got a couple coming up, but that's a lot of birthday cheer; sheeit; I'm going to have to budget for it next year.