Friday, July 29, 2005

Web Site Round-Up: 7.29.2005

Here's what I've seen/heard over the web that has caught my eye:

Slow It Down - Web Site for DJ Tomasz, who makes some very phat downtempo/deep house mixes. The latest in his "Sirens" series of 80 minutes mixes includes a trip through some very mellow house grooves, perfect for a late night drive, or chilling out by the pool, or in a park. He's based out of Canada, but is very accessible; his ICQ contact info's on his site.

The D-Nice Journal - How does an old school rapper survive after the record stops spinning? If you're D-Nice, you become a photographer, start a web development company and set up a blog where you reminisce over old times, and document your struggle with nice pictures. I came upon this site while reading an article about how rappers should cope when it's time to hang up the mic. That article is available here.

"You have zero privacy; get over it" - These words were said by Scott McNealy in 1999, and they're proving to be more and more true everyday. In a perfect storm of dimished consumer rights, the rising police state of the Patriot Act, NYPD searching your bags in subways, and now, anyone's cell phone records for a fee: LocateCell will get someone's cell phone if you can provide them with an address or a Social Security Number. Even better, they'll provide cell phone call records for $110. Scary, isn't it?

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