Saturday, June 03, 2006

Uptownsound radio is online!

Hey all,

After several months spent in the land of Grad School Hell, I've come back with some good news. First, the People Under the Stairs album, Stepfather is absolutely fantastic. There are 20 tracks with no filler material, including the second installment in their summer hangout song series, named "Jamboree Part 1" and "Jamboree Part Two".

After seeing PUTS perform at SOBs in May, I can truly say these guys are one of my favorite groups out there. The dedication and energy that they put into their show alone provides a satisfying time. I rounded up 8 or 9 of my good friends and we left the place all smiles. If they're on tour anywhere near you, go check them out.

If People Under The Stairs isn't touring near you, and you don't want to get the whole album, you can listen to "Jabmoree Part 1" on a new radio station, available at
Forever True School. It's in beta status now, with some nice tracks from the 80s to today.

Why a streaming radio station? Over many years, I've been asked "Is there any good hip-hop left? Where can I find good hip-hop songs and artists?". This station will provide an outlet for you. I've also gotten behind on Mix CDs I've promised to quite a few people over the years. Finally, unlike this blog, the station playlists will be updated frequently. We'll also have theme shows full of songs you might not hear anywhere else. So bookmark Forever True School, and tell your friends.

Finally, I have a cousin Yvonne Prescott who's raising money for the Community Hospice, a place that helps people with terminally ill diseases live in comfort and dignity. All contributions are tax deductible, so if you feel so inclined, drop by Yvonne's page and help her out. Thanks.

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