Sunday, September 23, 2007

Read A Book lyrics and video

I've just recently realized that most people are linking to this site looking for the lyrics or video to the "Read a Book" song. Now that the video's out, it's gained a lot of traction, which is good. Unfortunately, Jesse Jacskson doesn't think much of the piece. I guess the Fresh Prince was right; Parents Just Don't Understand.

Anyway, I don't have these on my blog, but you can see the video here. For those who have problems figuring out the words and want lyrics, you can get them here.

Finally, if you want to hear some good hip-hop, check out my radio station here.

"Cause when you take that get there"

Monday, September 10, 2007

First the Fat Boys break up, and now, this...

So now I've got a wife and a dog. I've gotten so domesticated. Between that and school, work, the radio station and assorted odds and ends, there's barely time to breathe. So you won't be seeing me on my favorite emails lists or at my favorite parties for awhile, I'm afraid. If you need to reach me, try the contact information you've got. I'll hit you up as soon as I can.