Saturday, February 16, 2008

New Directions; More Technology

This blog has been around for awhile, but hasn't had much of a direction recently. Although the summary says "music, technology, politics, and random musings", a lot of my music endeavors have been on my radio station, I haven't written too much about technology and/or politics.

The post on the dog having a blog pretty much served as that 1PM in the afternoon, I just left the afterhours spot from the night before walk of shame/moment of clarity.
It's time to step my game up. The four main areas will be technology, music, politics, and entrepreneurship. Why? Because I love technology and music long time, running my own company has become a true passion and way of life, and politics affects me whether I like it or not, so might as well know something about it, right?

So, moving forward, there's going to be more of a discussion about technology. I've been good at finding connections in things that may not seem to be connected as first. Over the years, I've explored several web application stacks, including LAMP, Enterprise Java (not necesarily J2EE), Ruby on Rails, and .Net. My next few technology posts will be focused on the pluses and minuses of the approaches used to solve common development challenges such as coding, testing and deployment.

It's a particularly good time for this kind of post. Beyond the zealots and enthusiasts who scream about the absolute infinite superiority of The Only True Way(tm), there are people who are calmly assessing the merits of each tool, technology, or technique, and adding those tools in their toolbelt to be used in some unexpected places.

Another theme will be the transformation from technology consumer to producer. What do I mean by this? Well, I've been benefiting from the makers of all sorts of open source software over the years, and now it's time to start giving back in whatever form possible, whether through detailed tool feedback, submitting bug reports, or even patches. I'm not a superstar coder delivering manna from heaven, but I'm hoping that making these changes will help me become a better programmer and/or writer. I'll detail those efforts here as well.

Over the next few days, I'll go over how my music coverage is going to change. Wish me luck!

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