Tuesday, November 03, 2009

My healthcare premium is going to go up 18.75% next year

So I have a small business. My premium for my healthcare plan with United Healthcare (via Oxford) is $803.91 per month with the Freedom Standard Plan for a husband and wife. Oxford is proposing to increase the same plan with the same benefits by 18.75% to $948.62. Maybe it's because UnitedHealth Group had a rocky year (the stock is still a little over 10% up year to year between 11.03.2008 and 11.03.2009. I'm amazed at this jump, which is an increase on last year's 11% premium jump from 2008 to 2009. I'm amazed that the company has the temerity to ask for that degree of increase in a year when healthcare reform is on the table.

To me, it means that the healthcare companies already know that there's no significant reform on the horizon. Either that, or when the reform comes about, the plan prices will be about the same as before.

Now, I need to do more research and figure out how the proposed legislation will affect these premiums, but right not, I feel pretty cynical about what's being done to my wallet.

If anyone has a list of alternative smallbiz HSA plans, hook a brother up.


Ryan said...

Ha... move down to Buenos Aires. Individual coverage is about 300 pesos per month (~ $78 USD).

The health care system in the US is fundamentally broken and will drive more people to leave the country. See what your bill looks like when you add a spouse and a child.

Don't get me started about how US veterinarians hit up people with dogs.

Mark Nyon said...

Agreed on all counts...especially the raping with no K-Y that is done for dog "care", dog "insurance" and dog "costs", which I believe wouldn't be anywhere near as high as they were if people thought of their lovable pets as lovable "pets", and not pseudo people instead.

"Well, yes this surgery costs 12,000, but isn't little Rex worth it?"