Wednesday, July 26, 2017

A Track A Day: "Carry On" by Dylan Drazen

The early 2000s were a heck of a time. I was working for MTV, I had met the woman I'd marry (and later divorce, an outcome almost everyone I knew saw coming except for me), and I'd kicked off the decade with friends in South Beach for 10 days, where we got our first taste of Deep House.

A challenge facing any genre is that the name itself can bring to mind very different bands and sounds. "Rock" meant Grateful Dead, sitting in a darkened room with a glowing Steal Your Face poster to my middle school friend Jamie. "Rock" meant something boring to my Harlem born, Pantera loving, speed guitar loving friend Jayson. "Rock" to my piano teacher Dennis was The Boss, full stop.

Deep House, after having a run during the 2000s, fell out of favor while other forms of electronic music came into being (or washed upon our shores). Psytrance, Glitch and of course Dubstep, the giant elephant sized modulator of a genre in the room. It came back into effect, but many of the kids who enjoy this EDM-flavored Deep House of the 2010s (what is the correct term for this, anyway?) may not connect with this mix...and that's okay.

This was the first full length non Hip-Hop mixtape I listen to on repeat. My homie Jayabose had found it around the net. A smooth mix of tunes which still took you on a journey, and the audio sample backdrops...priceless.

Dylan Drazen, based at the time in Brooklyn, had a Jekyll/Hyde thing going with Deep House & Hard Techno. I've never listened to many of his Techno tracks, but his Deep House mixes played through many long nights throughout the late 2000s when House started going through its minimal phase, playing with the spaces in between the sounds.

As luck would have it, I actually got to meet the man himself before he moved down to Florida.  There was a party that sought to unite ravers, Burners, and assorted other types of club kids. I went there with another music head. We were both much older than many people there, but we went because he was spinning. We enjoyed his set, and caught up to him on a roofdeck outside while he was smoking a cigarette. I got to thank him in person for his work.

Give this mix a spin and let a brother know your thoughts.

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