Glossary (List of Slanguistics)

Here's a list of terms that I've come up with, or found & incorporated over time into my form of speech. These will mostly be used in informal or social situations. Consider this a written account of my contribution to slanguistics. Creative Commons on all of these, but if you don't like them, Shrug Life.
  • "Choose Your Own Adventure" - Sometimes your friends will ask you your opinion on a matter where they have made up their own mind already and are seeking validation. Sometimes, it's not possible to agree with said opinion, especially if said opinion is something like "if someone isn't clear on whether they like me, I should make a grand display to show them how I feel", "They've got some problems, but I'm sure my love will help them get to a better place", or "driving my car with just my feet is fun!". At that point, if someone seems determined to defend their bad decision to the end, I realize that I cannot change their mind, and I also don't want to participate in their rebellion verification session. So, the best response that comes to my mind is "Choose your own adventure". It's a reminder that the decision you made was yours, and yours alone, so I hope it works out.
  • "Creative Commons" - I came up with this term to indicate in response to "Can I use that?", which is part praise, part request which comes after something particularly witty is said. This refers to the Creative Commons set of licenses which allows one, to paraphrase from the Creative Commons page, "want to encourage readers to re-publish your slang, as long as they give you credit".


    Person A: "Shrug Life"
    Person B: "Oh man, mind if I rock that?"
    Person A: "It's Creative Commons, man, just spell my name right:"
  • "Shrug Life" - ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ (emoticon by Stewart McKinney) - This term came about as an extension of the "Kanye Shrug", a term used in hip-hop circles to indicate that there was no more that could be said on a topic, or there is no reply. It can be used almost interchangeably with Kanye Shrug, but has the advantage of being not as well known initially, and a meta-like slangification of an existing slang term.

    Person A: "I can't believe it!"
    Person B: "What?"
    Person A: "Duck Dynasty starts aren't even real rednecks, they've made the show up!"
    Person B: "Sorry to say, but most of what's on Reality TV ain't real."
    Person A: "But I was #teamduckdynasty! How could they do this to me?"Person B: "#shruglife  (¯\_(ツ)_/¯)".
  • "Taking the local" - Have you ever said something that was witty, yet obscure enough that it takes people some time to get it? When the comprehension dawns in their eyes, I tend to refer to that time it takes slow people to catch up as "taking the local", as opposed to the time it generally takes to connect the dots on slang or meta-slang.

    PosDnuos from De La Soul as an emcee kicks a lot of rhymes that make people take the local. To quote a couple of lines from the fantastic single "Stakes Is High"...
    "I be a piece of the East Coast, so give a toast to Plug Wonder Why / Back in the day who soaked his words in ginger / So when I ran a phrase in June, you didn't catch it 'til December (emphasis added)".

    I'd venture that there are people who are still trying to figure out some of his lyrics 20 years later.

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