List Of Satire Sites

So, once in awhile, people on Facebook or Twitter post something they've found which is too good to be true. By now, most people know about The Onion, but now there are almost as many satire sites as faux uplifting sites such as Upworthy (nope, not linking to them). Here are the list of satire sites I know of so far. If you know about any others, please let a brother know:

  1. The Onion
  2. Daily Currant
  3. The Borowitz Report (New Yorker)
  4. The Final Edition
  5. Christwire
  6. Cream BMP Daily
  7. Diversity Chronicle
  8. The Beaverton
  9. Wunderground
  10. Abriluno
  11. Hard Dawn
  12. The News Nerd
  13. Empire News
  14. World News Daily Report

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