List of Stuff I'm Giving Away

Here's a list of stuff I'm giving away, as a part of the Apartment purge. If you see something which captures your interest and/or tickles your fancy, send an email to: n yo n ma r k at gmail period com (remove the spaces between the quotes, turn the 'at' into an '@", and change the period to a '.' to get the email address. Damn you, spam!). Pics are forthcoming.

  • Pimp Cup (given as a gag gift, but since I'm not a pimp...)
  • Old Pair of Rollerblades (they work , but the lacing on the right one isn't same as from the factory)
  • 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle
  • Pioneer VSX-505 Receiver 5 channel (it works, 110 Watts and a beast, but also a teenager; I bought it in 1997)
  • 3 Wooden Picture Frame display; they're all linked
  • Books. Hundreds and Hundreds of Books
I'm also helping push this AirBnB listing. If you or someone you'd know would like to spend some time in a comfy studio in Harlem, send a request.

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