List Of Stuff I'm Selling

Here's a list of stuff that I'm getting out of my apartment, and am selling. If you see anything you like, send me an email at "n yon ma r k at gmail period com" (remove the spaces between the quotes, turn the 'at' into an '@", and change the period to a '.' to get the email address. Damn you, spam!). I'll be adding Craigslist or eBay links as I set them up, but if I get a good offer, it's gone!
  • Badass Jewelry Skull Ring - $25 obo 
  • Radio Shack Sound Level Monitor $20 obo
  • XM Delphi Skyfi and accessories - $20 obo 
  • Canon Powershot S3 - $40 obo 
There will be a lot more listed here as I continue this purge. I'm also helping push this AirBnB listing. If you or someone you'd know would like to spend some time in a comfy studio in Harlem, send a request.


sean fitzgerald mccallum said...

Oh word! What year is the macbook pro?

I love soy sauce said...

The Craigslist links don't work for me.

Mark Nyon said...

Those ads have not been running for awhile, but if you're interested in anything there, send me an email and I can show you pics and we can make arrangements. Danke.

Mark Nyon said...
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